• Oksana

    Oksana Bass (Co-Founder)

    From the minute my son received a Beanie Baby monkey named Tangles from the Advocate Children’s…...Read more

  • Karina

    Karina Gitlevich (Co-Founder)

    J4K allows me the opportunity to share my passion, value and inspiration with others....Read more

  • Jackie

    Jackie Chervets

    I am passionate about J4K because this group and what we do engages my head and…...Read more

  • Anna

    Anna Bondarenko

    I greatly enjoy volunteering because I feel a lot of happiness from knowing that my efforts…...Read more

  • Julia

    Julia Ruderman

    Giving back to my community, especially children, allows me to know I’m making a lasting impact....Read more

  • Ekaterina

    Ekaterina Prytkova

    Cancer is a disease that touches many and it has touched the lives of my own…...Read more

  • Milana

    Milana Shnaydershteyn

    I have been a part of Jump4Kids for two years and it has been the most…...Read more

  • Stella

    Stella Schneerson

    I am truly grateful to be a part of Jump4Kids that works hard to make a…...Read more

  • Michelle

    Michelle Verde

    Seeing children smile is the greatest feeling in the world. We are responsible for so many…...Read more

  • Svetlana

    Svetlana Tsupin

    I am passionate about helping people, especially kids. As a mother of two, it feels great…...Read more